Derek Barrington left school at 15 to take up an apprenticeship in the British Army. He left the army at the age of 30 and worked as a service engineer in the amusement machine industry for many years.

A change of career path in the mid-90s led to work firstly as a driving instructor and then as a driving examiner until retirement in 2013.

Working in an advisory role on the internet led to meeting many people. As the cost of living outpaces my pension I now have to try and earn an income on the internet to keep myself in a positive cash flow situation.

He has been interested in internet activities since the late 90s but has never really taken things too seriously until recently. This is probably down to the number of scams he learned about when he was working on the internet back in the early 2000s.

Many people have been burned, but at the same time, many more made a good living for themselves using the internet. Of course, the scammers were also making money! All I seemed to be able to do was line the scammers’ pockets.