The internet has bought about a great deal of changes in the shopping habits of the public with many now choosing to browse and shop online both for convenience and time-saving. (Although I do know of some people who spend more time browsing online than they would if there were in brick-and-mortar shops.)

It would appear that the privacy and security concerns, have been allayed as more people shop online. There are now many reputable businesses operating online with sites like Amazon leading the way initially. These sites seem to be all but essential for many buyers.

Product Research

Over the years the internet has become much more user-friendly, particularly for those with no knowledge of computers and how they work. It has become easy to look for the products you are interested in by using one of the search engines available.

At the time of writing this article, Google is a firm favorite. You can also get a list of products and their prices at various stores when google is used. Amazon stocks virtually everything you could want, or it connects with suppliers who will supply your product(s).

Price Research

It pays to carry out some research when you have settled on the product you want. There are many eCommerce sites including Google and Amazon where you can carry out your research. If you are willing to pick your products up from the store you choose then you will have a far greater option for sourcing your product.

Using Coupons Online

There are several places that offer discount coupons online along with specific discount companies such as Woucher. Where you can it is best to Google online coupons to see what deals and discounts are available. There are also companies like Honey that offer discounts


You may be able to find products with free shipping from some sources, but this often comes with a minimum spend.

Amazon Prime is an example of free shipping, but you are paying a monthly or annual fee for this privilege. There are of course other benefits that come with prime membership so you may well feel that it is something worth paying for.

If free shipping is not offered and you want a product delivered make sure you check how much you are going to pay for the shipping service that is being offered. While the initial price may be cheaper you could end up paying more when delivery is taken into consideration.

Collect in Store after Shopping Online

This may be an option you would like to choose if the item is in stock in a store near you and you would like it quickly. There are several outlets offering this option depending in what country you are from.

Offline Shopping

There are some items that are generally worth making a visit to the store for. These are clothing and shoes when you are not absolutely sure of the fit. I know sometimes I need a large and other times a medium depending on the cut of the material.

You can also check the company website online to make sure it is not going to e a wasted visit. You can find out prices and whether the items are in stock. This method is also useful if you are not sure of the color of the product. Images do not always show a good representation of the color.

Gift Shopping

Finding an ideal gift for someone can be much easier online than going to the store. You can generally get them sent straight to the person you are buying for and is some cases they will be sent gift-wrapped.

There are several times during the year that are more advantageous for the buyer. These include Back Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day on July 16th.  These are times when there are some bargains to be had.

Breakable Items

Sometimes you may need a product that is extremely fragile. In this case, I would suggest that you go to the store and collect it. If you cannot manage to do this then it is better to pay for the additional insurance to make sure the item you want arrives in one piece.

Large Products

When it comes to household appliances and furniture you can choose to shop online initially and then go to the store to check dimensions so you know it will fit where you would like to place it.

You would certainly like to make sure it is not too large for the space it is going to fit into.

The habits that are being formed when it comes to shopping, are forever changing. I am sure there is a place for both online and offline shopping in our lives today.

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