Although many things have gotten in the way over the past few days I am still managing to make some progress in my blog-building experience.

I live in the UK, and as many will have heard it is the Queen’s platinum jubilee. I know I don’t have to take time out to celebrate but as it is always said all work and no play make for a dull life.

I should be at the work for day 60 today but instead, I am on day 8. So I am quite a bit behind where I should be at the moment.  However, this does not matter too much!

What have I been doing in those missing weeks? Apart from spending a week away from home on a short break, it has been just a lack of enthusiasm and pure procrastination, along with life matters getting in the way. A few days of illness soon add up and I often wonder if it is worth all the hassle I am getting from it, but I am sure I will succeed in the end.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, it is certainly not for sympathy, it is more to let you know that the more you keep trying the more you will achieve.

This is my first post for over a month now and I have let myself down by not following the recommendation of posting at least once a week. This is something I will have to live with but I hope I can now get back to posting on a more regular basis.

Today I have completed day 8 of the training and I am looking forward to learning a lot more and hopefully at a more regular pace.

I would like to achieve a lot more in the coming days and weeks than I have in the past month. Personally, I find it very easy to not do things when I should but if I want to make this a successful opportunity then I know I have to be a lot more consistent with my working habits.

While I realize blogging is not for everyone without consistency I will lose any traction I gain. People want to be able to see that someone giving advice is able to do it in a professional manner. It will be to my greater benefit to make sure I follow the recommendations of my course to ensure I get the most from it!

I know I have a busy time in my private life at the moment but I am just going to have to make time to ensure I do as much as possible both with my blog and the course lessons. Unfortunately, the time when I can burn the candle at both ends is long gone so I will just have to change my mindset and be stricter with myself.

As I find myself so easily distracted I have designed a personal timetable that will help me to follow through with all I have to do. Although I generally follow a structure it is obviously too loose to be of any great use to me.

Anyway, back to today’s work and the fact there was quite a lot to do, and that means I have learned a lot as well. Working in Aweber there is a lot to learn but it has been explained really well and I hope I have now got a much better idea of how and why this autoresponder is so important. The automatic sending of emails without having to take any action after it is set up really is a great idea. I have worked with Aweber before without realizing what I was doing and why. Now I have a purpose for what I am doing.

More to follow!


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